14+ departmental articles in impact factor journals (April-December 2020)

In the last 9 months 14 departmental articles have been published in impact factor (IF) journals:

  • T. Antczak, R. Weron, J. Zabawa, Data-driven simulation modeling of the checkout process in supermarkets: insights for decision support in retail operations. IEEE Access. 2020, vol. 8, s. 228841-228852.
  • A. Chassein, M. Goerigk, A. Kasperski, P. Zieliński, Approximating combinatorial optimization problems with the ordered weighted averaging criterion. European Journal of Operational Research. 2020, vol. 286, nr 3, s. 828-838.
  • Y. Chawla, A. Kowalska-Pyzalska, A. Skowrońska-Szmer, Perspectives of smart meters’ roll-out in India: an empirical analysis of consumers’ awareness and preferences. Energy Policy. 2020, vol. 143, art. 111798.
  • G. Chodak, The problem of shelf-warmers in electronic commerce: a proposed solution. Information Systems and E-Business Management. 2020, vol. 18, s. 259-280.
  • G. Chodak, G. Suchacka, Y. Chawla, HTTP-level e-commerce data based on server access logs for an online store. Computer Networks. 2020, vol. 183, art. 107589.
  • B. Gładysz, D. Kuchta, Dependency beetween IT project succes and the communication with project stakeholders – intuitionistic fuzzy sets approach. Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems. 2020, vol. 39, nr 5, s. 6377-6389.
  • A. Jędrzejewski, B. Nowak, A. Abramiuk, K. Weron, Competing local and global interactions in social dynamics: How important is the friendship network? Chaos. 2020, vol. 30, nr 7, art. 073105.
  • A. Jędrzejewski, J. Toruniewska, K. Suchecki, O. Zaikin, J. Hołyst, Spontaneous symmetry breaking of active phase in coevolving nonlinear voter model. Physical Review E. 2020, vol. 102, nr 4, art. 042313.
  • A. Kowalska-Pyzalska, K. Byrka, J. Serek, How to foster the adoption of electricity smart meters? A longitudinal field study of residential consumers. Energies. 2020, vol. 13, nr 18, art. 4737.
  • A. Kowalska-Pyzalska, J. Kott, M. Kott, Why Polish market of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) is the smallest in Europe? SWOT analysis of opportunities and threats. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews. 2020, vol. 133, art. 110076
  • K. Maciejowska, B. Uniejewski, T. Serafin, PCA forecast averaging – predicting day-ahead and intraday electricity prices. Energies. 2020, vol. 13, nr 14, art. 3530.
  • G. Marcjasz, Forecasting electricity prices using deep neural networks: a robust hyper-parameter selection scheme. Energies. 2020, vol. 13, nr 18, art. 4605.
  • G. Marcjasz, B. Uniejewski, R. Weron, Beating the naïve – combining LASSO with naïve intraday electricity price forecasts. Energies. 2020, vol. 13, nr 7, art. 1667.
  • P. Zaleski, Y. Chawla, Circular economy in Poland: profitability analysis for two methods of waste processing in small municipalities. Energies. 2020, vol. 13, nr 19, art. 5166.

Moreover, another article has been accepted for publication and has appeared as In Press, Corrected Proof:

  • B. Mielczarek, J. Zabawa, Modelling demographic changes using simulation: Supportive analyses for socioeconomic studies. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences. 2020, art. 100938.

And 2 articles appeared in Q1 2020, but have been documented with a delay:

  • K. Przybyła, M. Kachniarz, D. Ramsey, The investment activity of cities in the context of their administrative status: a case study from Poland. Cities. 2020, vol. 97, art. 102505.
  • D. Ramsey, A game theoretic model of choosing a valuable good via a short list heuristic. Mathematics. 2020, vol. 8, nr 2, art. 199.