Staff members from the department teach undergraduate and graduate courses to students of Management, Business Engineering and Systems Engineering (both full- and part-time studies):

Undergraduate (1st level)
  • Management (in Polish),
  • Business Engineering (in Polish),
  • Organizational Management (in English).
Graduate (2nd level)
  • Management (in Polish) – with the following specializations:
    • Financial Engineering (IF)­,
    • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Projects­ (PIP),
    • Information Technology in Management (TIZ),
    • Business Process Management (ZPP),
    • Managerial Behavior and Decision Making (ZDM),
  • Management (in English) – specialization Business Information Systems,
  • Business Engineering (in Polish).

Detailed information about these courses is published on the faculty website.

We also teach courses to students from the Faculty of Mathematics (W-13), both 1st and 2nd level.