Seminars are held by the department on a regular basis:

  • General Department Seminar
    Members of the department present their own scientific projects and results. These seminars are held once a month.
    The topics and date of each seminar are announced on the department website.
    The chair of the seminar: Prof. Edward Radosiński.
  • Science meets Social Science (S3)
    This seminar focuses on applications of statistical, stochastic and numerical methods in social sciences. It is interdisciplinary, both in the selection of topics and the use of expert knowledge from diverse areas of science.
    The details and schedule of these meetings are published on a separate page ».
    The chair of the seminar: Prof. Rafał Weron.
  • Discrete Data Analysis
    The seminar of the Z1 division.
    The chair of the seminar: Prof. Barbara Gładysz.