7+ departmental articles in impact factor journals (January-April 2021)

In the last 4 months 7 departmental articles have been published in impact factor (IF) journals:

  • M. Goerigk, A. Kasperski, P. Zieliński (2021) Combinatorial two-stage minmax regret problems under interval uncertainty, Annals of Operations Research 300, 23-50.
  • A. Kowalska-Pyzalska, M. Kott, J. Kott (2021) How much Polish consumers know about alternative fuel vehicles? Impact of knowledge on the willingness to buy, Energies 14(5), 1438.
  • A. Kunche, B. Mielczarek (2021) Application of System Dynamic modelling for evaluation of carbon mitigation strategies in cement industries: a comparative overview of the current state of the art, Energies 14(5), 1464.
  • J. Lago, G. Marcjasz, B. De Schutter, R. Weron (2021) Forecasting day-ahead electricity prices: A review of state-of-the-art algorithms, best practices and an open-access benchmark, Applied Energy 293, 116983.
  • B. Mielczarek, J. Zabawa (2021) Modelling demographic changes using simulation: Supportive analyses for socioeconomic studies. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences. 2020, art. 100938.
  • A. Skowrońska-Szmer, A. Kowalska-Pyzalska (2021) Key factors of development of electromobility AMONG microentrepreneurs: a case study from Poland, Energies 14(3), 764.
  • B. Uniejewski, R. Weron (2021) Regularized quantile regression averaging for probabilistic electricity price forecasting, Energy Economics 95, 105121.

Moreover, another article has been accepted for publication and has appeared as In Press, Corrected Proof:

  • K. Maciejowska, W. Nitka, T. Weron (2021) Enhancing load, wind and solar generation for day-ahead forecasting of electricity prices, Energy Economics (doi: 10.1016/j.eneco.2021.105273).