Rafał Weron

Professor of Economics

Specialization: energy economics, forecasting, risk management, computational finance

Head of the Economic Modeling Group (K4/Z2) in the Department of Operations Research, Member of the Statistics and Econometrics Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences (KSiE PAN), General Chair of the Energy Finance Christmas (EFC) Workshops series, Associate Editor of ARGO, Computational Statistics, Journal of Energy Engineering, Journal of Energy Markets, National Economy and Operations Research and Decisions, recipient of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education Prize for outstanding academic achievements (2016), the Emerald Citation of Excellence Award (2017), the IIF Tao Hong Award for the best paper on energy forecasting published in the International Journal of Forecasting (2017) and the Hugo Steinhaus prize of the Polish Mathematical Society for outstanding achievements in Applied Mathematics (2018).

His research focuses on developing risk management and forecasting tools for the energy industry and computational statistics as applied to finance and insurance. His other interests include agent-based modeling, computational economics, derivatives pricing, financial engineering, stochastic modeling and time series analysis. He is the author of the widely acclaimed Modeling and Forecasting Electricity Loads and Prices: A Statistical Approach (Wiley, 2006) and co-author of four other books. He has also published over 80 peer-reviewed book chapters and journal articles (most notably in top-tier Energy, Energy Economics, Energy Policy, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, International Journal of Forecasting and Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews), including two extensive Review Papers on electricity price forecasting (IJF 2014, RSER 2018). With a Ph.D. (1999) in Financial Mathematics and a habilitation (2009) and professor title (2015) in Economics, he is periodically engaged as a consultant to financial, energy and software engineering companies.