Arkadiusz Lipiecki receives the Best Youngster Presentation award at the ICCF 2024 conference

Arkadiusz Lipiecki, a student of the PWr Doctoral School and an investigator in the NCN MAESTRO grant Crossing Frontiers in electricity prIce forecasTing (CrossFIT) being carried out in our Department, received one of three Best Youngster Presentation awards at the International Conference on Computational Finance (ICCF 2024), which just ended in Amsterdam. Arek gave a talk entitled “Probabilistic forecasting of electricity prices with isotonic regressions” based on the results of the paper by A. Lipiecki, B. Uniejewski and R. Weron (2024) Postprocessing of point predictions for probabilistic forecasting of electricity prices: Diversity matters (


PS. Two years ago an identical award was received by Weronika Nitka!